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The Brothers Comatose

12th October 2017 - Thursday 21:00

The Brothers Comatose, San Francisco's sensational bluegrass and folk rock artists are bringing their sounds to the Ogden Theater!

The Brothers Comatose was formed in Petaluma (San Francisco, California) in 2009 by siblings Ben and Alex Morrison. They were introduced to music at an early age by their parents (who are musicians) but they never expected they'd end up being in a band. Ben said in an interview, "Growing up, definitely not. Like most brothers or siblings, we just fought like crazy. We would just pound on each other, beat each other up constantly and give so much s— to each other growing up. It wasn’t until high school when we started to play music together, smoke weed and just chill out in general. It started in our living room. Our parents are musicians and they’d have musician friends over. We would learn music that way, through songs. We found that common theme and ran with it." Their musical style is best described as a blend of bluegrass (a genre that takes roots from Irish, Scottish and English traditional music, and was also later influenced by the music of African Americans through incorporation of jazz elements) and folk rock. The band currently consists of Ben (vocals and guitar), Alex (vocals, banjo, and guitar), Ryan Avallone (mandolin), Giovanni Benedetti (vocals and bass), and Philip Brezina (violin). They've released 3 studio albums.

Don't miss your chance to see these artists add a unique touch to bluegrass and folk rock music!