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Silversun Pickups

23rd April 2017 - Sunday 20:00

Silversun Pickups, L.A’s sensational alternative rock artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Ogden Theater!

Silversun Pickups was formed in 2002 under the moniker A Couple of Couples, given that the lead guitarist and vocalist (Brian Aubert) was romantically involved with the drummer and the rhythm guitarist was in a relationship with the bassist (Nikki Monninger). They took their new name after both couples split and the rhythm guitarist and drummer were replaced by Christopher Guanlao (drums) and Joe Lester (keyboards, samples, sound manipulation). Their sound has been compared to that of bands My Bloody Valentine and The Smashing Pumpkins as they too frequently use multiple overdubs of distorted guitars. They’ve had a stellar career with 4 studio albums, 8 music videos, 5 EPs, and 14 singles. Their 2009 album (Swoon) and its follow up in 2012 (Neck of the Woods) both hit #1 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart.

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists weave layered guitars and effects around surging, melodic tunes.