Do you like Ogden Theater?


2nd February 2018 - Friday 21:00

Fruition, Oregon's sensational multi genre artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Ogden Theater!

The band was formed in Portland in 2008 by Jay Cobb Anderson (vocals, lead guitar, and harmonica), Kellen Asebroek (vocals, rhythm guitar, and piano), Mimi Naja (vocals, mandolin, and electric/acoustic guitar), Jeff Leonard (bass), and Tyler Thompson (drums and banjo). Their musical style is best described as a blend of folk rock (a style that arose in the United States and the United Kingdom around the mid 1960s, pioneered by the Los Angeles band the Byrds, who began playing traditional folk music and songs by Bob Dylan with rock instrumentation, in a style heavily influenced by the Beatles and other British bands), soul, British Invasion (a genre that developed in the mid 1960s, when rock and pop music acts from the United Kingdom, as well as other aspects of British culture, became popular in the United States, and contributed to the rise of the counterculture rock movement), blues, and Americana (contemporary music that incorporates elements of various American roots music styles, including country, blues, roots rock, R&B, folk, and bluegrass, resulting in a distinctive roots oriented sound). They've had a stellar career with 2 studio albums and they've performed at many major festivals such as Bonnaroo, Northwest String Summit, and Telluride Bluegrass.

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists add a unique touch to folk rock, Americana, soul, blues, and British Invasion era pop music!