Do you like Ogden Theater?


22nd December 2017 - Friday 21:00

EOTO, Colorado's sensational electronic artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Ogden Theater!

EOTO (pronounced ee-oh-toh) was formed in Boulder (Colorado) in 2006 by Jason Hann and Michael Travis. They made their performance debut at the 2006 Sonic Bloom Festival (Colorado's premier electronic music event) and they spent the next 2 years touring relentlessly to build their fan base. While their musical style can be broadly classified as electronic, it's best described as a blend of dubstep (a genre of electronic dance music that originated in England and features overwhelming bass lines, reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals), experimental (a genre defined broadly by exploratory sensibilites radically opposed to, and questioning of, institutionalized compositional, performing, and aesthetic conventions in music), and livetronica (a genre - also known as jamtronica - that started in Philadelphia and is a style of music that blends jam band elements with those of electronica). Their live shows are renowned for heavy musical improvisation, pre-made 3-D art, closed circuit cameras, and other visual effects. They’ve had a stellar career with 3 studio albums and their music has been featured on the compilation albums K-Turns and U-Turns Vol. 1: Fall Tour Compilation 2008, K-Turns and U-Turns Vol. 2: Best of 2009, and K-Turns and U-Turns Vol. 3: Best of 2010.

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists add a unique touch to dubstep, livetronica, and experimental music!