Do you like Ogden Theater?


10th December 2017 - Sunday 20:00

Atmosphere, Minneapolis’ sensational hip-hop artists are bringing their signature rhymes to Ogden Theater!

Atmosphere is a hip-hop duo formed in 1989 and currently consists of rapper Sean Daley (aka Slug) and DJ/producer Anthony Davis (aka Ant). Atmosphere was actually started by Sean and his high school friend Derek Turner (aka D-Spawn). They first called themselves ‘Mental Subjects’, then changed it to ‘A Rhythmic Culture’ and finally settled on ‘Urban Atmosphere’. Later, they were introduced to Ant by another rapper and the trio began recording together. Eventually they dropped ‘Urban’ from their name and they released their debut album (Overcast!) in 1997. Slug's deeply personal and poetic musings along with Ant's innovative production led to the album quickly becoming an underground hip-hop classic. Derek left the group and the duo began working on their 2nd album (Headshots Se7en). It was released in 1999 and is still one of the group's most critically acclaimed albums. By 2001, the group was touring regularly and released a record (Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs) that was for sale on tours only but it was so popular it was later made available as an official album. The duo kept honing their craft released 7 more albums over the years. Their latest album (Fishing Blues) comes out on 12th of August 2016.

Don’t miss your chance to see the rap outfit with an underground and indie rock following!